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The financial and emotional stress an unpaid family caregiver endures by caring for a loved one is one of the least tackled issues in the U.S. healthcare system today.

Research from the National Family Caregiver Support Center illustrates that more than 45 million people provide care for a chronically ill, disabled or aged family member or friend during any given year and spend an average of 25 hours per week providing care for their loved one.

At an estimated $470 billion annually, family caregivers deliver twice the amount of care as is delivered by paid care for nursing home and home care services.

Double Double Win – when we take care of our unpaid family caregivers they in turn take better care of their loved ones.  The cost to our national health care goes DOWN significantly when caregivers are healthy and prepared to give their best care to their loved one.

Meaningful Support

As philanthropists, we are driven to do good work for mankind. At Care To Caregiver, we believe in the philosophy that “where health leads, prosperity follows”.

This is demonstrated by the logic that healthy people are better able to get paying jobs, thereby earning an income that contributes to our economy. When building up our economy we can afford to educate our children who, in turn, will be healthy contributors to society. This cycle of health and productivity, creates prosperity that enriches our lives.

With the burgeoning growth of aging seniors and aging boomers, we are approaching a health crisis with us Boomers and Millennials who are taking care of their aging parents or grandparents. They are not getting the help and support they need which increases their own personal health issues.

Care To Caregiver is about all of us. Keeping Boomers and Millennials healthy and well so the cycle of health and productivity ensures prosperity and enriched lives.

Caring For Caregivers

Various studies cite that compared with non-caregivers, caregivers are more likely to suffer from diminished immune responses, slower wound healing, higher incidence of hospitalization, higher mortality rate, poorer general health, higher incidence of headaches, gastro-intestinal problems and insomnia, and an increased risk of heart disease. The mental effects are just as detrimental with many suffering from depression and anxiety disorders, increased rates of suicide, and alcohol and other substance abuse.

Additionally, caregivers can suffer from anger, irritability, moodiness, social withdrawal, and lack of concentration. It is not uncommon to see caregivers lose jobs and experience economic stability as these symptoms can negatively affect work performance or job prospects. Recently, studies have shown that emotional stress from caregiving can adversely affect longevity. Care To Caregiver (C2C2) has developed a model to combat many of the negative aspects of caring for a loved one.

There is a system wide gap in providing care for caregivers and not enough resources for either a professional or unpaid caregiver to address their own health and wellness or gain the knowledge to be capable and confident caregivers. C2C2 will fill a hole in the Safety-Net County by County.

Fall Prevention Resource Guide from Aging & Independence Services – Click link below

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