Caregivers and Technology – What Caregivers Want and Need

20 Jan

Caregivers and Technology – What Caregivers Want and Need

With 71% of family caregivers interested in technology, only 7% are currently using it to assist with their caregiving duties. With nearly half of the 40 million caregivers (2015) being Millennials (24%) and Generation X (23%), they use technology everyday.


Here are the top eight activities most caregivers do:

Grocery Shop 87%, Housework 82%, Preparing Meals 82%, Giving Medicines, Pills, Injections 74%, Transportation 72%, Assist with Getting Out & Out of Bed and Chairs 57%, Dressing and Undressing 54%, Managing Finances 50%.


Caregivers need help and technology can help.


These diagrams come from our friends at TELEHEALTH AND MEDICINE TODAY where you can read the full report of their research:

The Majority of caregivers are quite comfortable using technology:

  • 97% Are Comfortable With Computers
  • 80% Are Comfortable With Tablets
  • 80% Are Comfortable With Smart Phones
  • 63% Are Comfortable With Other Devices

And they need an App that can do it all:

Create calendars to organize caregiving schedules, create lists and spreadsheets to track activities, shop for assisted living and other care services, write / read journals and inspirational content, manage prescription refills and delivery.


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