“Caregiving for Seenagers” Series – Part 1

24 Nov

“Caregiving for Seenagers” Series – Part 1

Seenager: One that has seen a lot in life and is over the age of 50 is a Seenager, or a senior teenager who is redefining the way they age.


Unlike looking forward to having kids and raising them, most people neither look forward to nor plan for taking care of their Seenagers!


For every high risk 80+ year there will be only 3 possible family/friend care givers by 2050, whereas now there are 7…   now a Silver tsunami with the aging of baby boomers.


Each of us in our lifetime will probably be a caregiver for someone, whether it is full time or part time, family or neighbor, spouse or mom.


For me it was one of the hardest things I have done and it was the one role in life that I was most ill prepared for when I chose to take it on.


I hope this blog helps you be somewhat more prepared for your care giving role than I was.

Kind regards,  Yasminseenagers


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