Caregiving For Seenagers Series Post 5: “Would I take on being a primary caregiver again?”

Caregiving For Seenagers Series Post 5: “Would I take on being a primary caregiver again?”

It took me a very longtime to accept the fact that my Seenagers (Seenager: one that has seen a lot in life and is over the age of 50 is a Seenager, or a senior teenager who is redefining the way they age.), who I loved, did not have anyone else around to help them, and that I would have to be the one to step up and be their primary caregiver. My caregiving experience was different for all 4 and lasted from weeks to years.

The care giving role was incredibly tough for me I found watching people I love deteriorate physically and mentally traumatic at times. On the other hand I found it to be an opportunity to express love and get closure. So hindsight being 20-20, I would definitely volunteer again to be their primary caregiver.

That is the end of my series – Caregiving For Seenagers.  Wishing a healthy and loving journey.

Sincerely,  Yasmin


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  1. NEVER! This is my obligation and one of us has to die to get out of this. It’s been 6 years of geriatric incarceration for me, after 2 years I accepted the fact that I am less than human. I am only a slave/robot/bank and my only reason for being alive is to change diapers and sheets and pay her bills, I do not have time to sleep, eat properly, do anything for myself or take care of myself. Stop imagining that you could have a life because you will feel better without hope than with a dream that will not be fulfilled. I should have left her on her own. Your article is a lot of spun sugar and roses (one melts, the other dies) there is no glamour, it is simply a stinking money pit, I’m 60, I was healthy and well on my way to a nice retirement. Now I hope to be struck by lightning.


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