“Caring For Seenagers” Series – Part 2 My History

“Caring For Seenagers” Series – Part 2 My History

My dad and I both moved our respective parents to live with us in our homes as they aged and could not take care of themselves. We both took care of our parents as primary caregivers. We both had friends and family on the side lines telling us their opinions. My grandparents passed away within 8 years of their move. My parents both passed away within 6 years of the move.

My mom passed away a year ago on the thanksgiving weekend. This blog is my way to heal from my experiences as a caregiver. I heard someone once say that you can give meaning to your pain if you not just learn from it, but also use it to teach and benefit others that may be going through the same experiences.

Even though my degree is in electrical engineering and I have worked most of my career in the information technology field for over 25 years, I have 6 years of experience owning hair salons and 10 years of experience with organizations that are serving seenagers.

I met this realtor at an event and we decided to get together for coffee. She had been a care giver for her mom, who lived on the opposite coast of USA. In the first 2 hour conversation with her, I for the first time let my guards down all the way… I laughed hysterically and cried violently… It was easy for me to relate to her experiences and vice versa. We could see the humor in our interactions with our dear moms and family. She knew my pain all too well, and I was feeling hers. When I decided to write about my experiences this short meeting with a stranger turn to close friend and confidant in 2 hours became my inspiration.

I am a normal person with normal expectations and goals. However, all that got impacted in ways I had never imagined when I became a primary caregiver.

I am choosing to write this blog as a fictional biography so I can freely share the stories while protecting the identity of those whose stories I tell. The stories in this blog come from not only my own experience as a primary caregiver but also from many friend and family caregivers that I have had the pleasure of meeting over the years.

My hats off to you, for taking on the caregiver role!

Thank you,  Yasmin


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