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Are You Ready to Grow Up, Grow Old, Or Grow? By Judi Bonilla @judibonilla #gerontologist

Grow Old Or Just Plain Grow? The phrase “grow up” often means to stop acting childish. Often it might mean to be more mature. What if we looked at aging as the opportunity to grow? As a gerontologist, I am always working to raise the positive profile of aging. Age and Time Today, I heard Alan […]

Resilience Part 2 – Be a Quarterback

Quarterbacks display resilience with every play on the field.   In our blog post from January 22, 2017 titled Resilience we shared the definition of Resilience: According to Wikipedia, “Psychological resilience is defined as an individual’s ability to successfully adapt to life tasks in the face of social disadvantage or highly adverse conditions.[1] Adversity and […]