Did you know that 1 in 4 people is taking care of a family member or loved one who is elderly, chronically ill, or disabled?

CareZoom’s Care To Caregiver program is making great progress on a technology platform to deliver real help to caregivers of all kinds. In order to get this right we are listening to stakeholders and highly value your input.

Stakeholders are identified as:

  • Unpaid Family Caregivers: sons, daughters, spouses, friends, neighbors and relatives.
  • Paid Service Providers: doctor’s offices, rehab/therapy related services, companies/employees of those services, social service providers, vendors supporting healthcare etc.
  •  Paid Caregivers

Please take just a few minutes to answer the five questions below. Your insights will help build solutions that we can use for the betterment of all caregivers and their loved ones.

We respect that this may be very personal and will hold your answers close to our vest by keeping it strictly confidential within our Care To Caregiver Team.

We appreciate you!

Stakeholders: unpaid family caregivers (UFCG), paid CGs, patients, doctor’s offices, rehab/therapy related, Community partners- non-profits, agencies in relationship to government (Adult Protective Services), churches, senior centers, and special interest groups, companies/employees, lawyers and accountants, etc.