How It Works


  • Automated & on-demand localized resources, support and help—aligned with precision to the any Caregiver, anywhere
  • Regionalized with qualified community support partners
  • Smart social tools to provide specific just-in-time information aligned to the exact needs of the caregiver-of any means
  • Caregivers-of-a-kind, smartly socialized within community supports programs and services to the exact caregiver’s needs
  • Smart Caregivers “Angie’s List” trustworthy, localized & personalized to the exact needs & means of the caregiver
  • Finally an App-for-that!

How it works

Our nickname is C2C2.

Caregivers need a single source, a one-stop shop that prepares and guides them on their journey to provide the best outcomes for their loved one.

Care To Caregiver (C2C2) guides caregivers on that journey because when we take care of our unpaid family caregivers they in turn take better care of their loved ones.


C2C2 surrounds each caregiver with a local village of community resources, education, products, support and services.

We align caregivers-of-a-kind to have easy access to community partners, directories, peers, counseling and helpful how to’s for those challenged with the stress, grief, confusion, and helplessness in caring for family member or friend.


This program works collaboratively with select organizations of similar missions and compatible services who care for caregivers.

Program offerings will include free and subscription based resources and services. All content and events are provided by existing resources from partner organizations vetted by C2C2.


Our WIN WIN benefit starts with Text4Caregivers and Text4Families – a pilot program that will demonstrate the usefulness of TEXT MESSAGING information and encouragement to caregivers that they otherwise would not find out or even know what to look for. C2C2 will promptly respond to unpaid family caregivers with information and answers that support reducing anxiety and preventing emergency situations.