Music Calms the Soul

Music Calms the Soul

I have insomnia. On top of that, being a caregiver causes me to sleep with one ear open. Last night I woke up with concern for my loved-one. Is he OK? Is he sleeping or dead? It was an irrational fear (or maybe not) for 3am. I flew out of bed to check on my loved one. “Yes, good. He’s still breathing.”

Now that my adrenaline is rushing, how do I get back to sleep? I have a huge week ahead of me, I am sleep deprived anyway and this just adds to the issue. Music. Soft calming music. I had my old iphone and earbuds in bed with me and started searching for some sort of music to help me sleep. Here’s what I found at No Sleepless Nights website:

No Sleepless Nights – This site has several playlists to match your style of music.

I have researched music therapy and know that it works for those with dementia. You can find their favorite genre and a set of headphones and start playing. It’s calming and soothing. Depending on the need, if it’s for sleep, to reduce agitation or boredom look for a genre that your loved one likes and play something suitable. Having a good sound in the background is smart too. That’s what grocery stores do. It works. A happy customer is a returning customer. I equate that to a happy loved-one makes a happy home… and maybe a good night’s sleep.

For more information on the value of music therapy from US News and World Report


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