November is National Caregiver Month

14 Nov

November is National Caregiver Month

This is National Caregiver’s Month as designated by the White House.

We want to acknowledge our heroes in healthcare, the Unpaid Family Caregiver.


That’s YOU! It’s likely that if you haven’t already experienced being a caregiver, you will.


Sons, Daughters, Moms, Dads, Friends and Neighbors are hard working unpaid caregivers. They work hard at their professional jobs, then come home to care for their loved-one an average of 25 hours per week. That’s on top of raising kids, going to school and living life.


We need to do more than designate a month to our family caregivers. Did you know that uncompensated caregivers like your friends and family provide care valued at more than $470Billion. That is more than this Government pays in Medicaid which is a total of $449Billion per year.


What do you think government should do to support the ability and wellbeing of family caregivers to continue to be able to give care?


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