Reducing Daily Stress: A Guide For Caregivers and Single Parents

Reducing Daily Stress: A Guide For Caregivers and Single Parents

By Alexis Hall  

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Life can be stressful even under the best of circumstances, especially if you’re a single parent and sole caregiver. Running a household is a lot of work, and when you combine that with the stresses of work and making sure everything is taken care of, you’re at risk for the weight of anxiety to fall on your shoulders.


These feelings can take a toll on you physically, emotionally, and mentally, and can prevent you from performing well at work or even interfere with your relationships, so it’s important to find ways to reduce stress and manage your anxiety. Learning how to cope with those emotions will give you the ability to create a more relaxed atmosphere at home and will allow you to be your best self in all the many roles you inhabit.

These tips will help you get a good start.


Practice self-care

Self-care is so important these days, especially when you’re a busy parent. Taking a little time to focus on yourself will allow you to take a deep breath and recharge, even if it’s only for fifteen minutes a day. Carve out time from your schedule to do something you enjoy; set your alarm for a few minutes earlier each day so you can sit with your coffee in peace before the kids get up, or take a long, hot bath before bed. Whatever you choose to do, make sure it benefits you in a healthy way. For more tips on practicing self-care, read this informative article from


Take care of your body

Your physical health is closely tied to your mental and emotional health, so it’s important to take good care of yourself. Eat well-balanced meals, drink plenty of water, make sure you get adequate amounts of rest each night, and get daily exercise. If you can get outside and soak up the sunshine, all the better. Vitamin C can boost your mood and help you feel prepared to take on the day, while a workout can reduce stress levels and help you manage anxiety.


Get organized

It’s hard to manage everything if you feel disorganized, so go over your finances, declutter your home, and keep a calendar in a prominent place so that you can keep track of important dates, when bills are due, and when your kids have after-school activities. Getting organized will help you stay on top of your responsibilities, which will keep you feeling in control. For more tips on making life easier, go here.


Get the kids involved

It’s much easier to practice self-care and keep your stress levels down if you get your little ones involved. This can mean anything from including them in your daily workout by going for an after-dinner walk to spending a relaxing evening at home with a good movie and some popcorn, and it will help you spend quality time together, as well.


Gather support

As a single parent and caregiver, having a support system is imperative. Close friends and family members can provide comfort and help out when you’re in a bind, and they can also be a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. If you don’t have family nearby, consider joining a support group or looking for a therapist or counselor. Having someone to talk to is a great way to lower your stress levels.

Being a single parent is never easy, but by learning some coping mechanisms, you can figure out the best ways to get through even the hardest times. Remember to take a timeout when you feel you need it and reach out for help when things become overwhelming. This will help you be the best parent you can be.


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