“Tell Me So I Know: My Questions … Your Answers” by Paul Shike

“Tell Me So I Know: My Questions … Your Answers” by Paul Shike

Baby Boomers are commenting about having regret in not getting to know more about their parents, family history, and feats of survival, legacy, and wisdom that can enrich us in building our future and legacy.  Here are some comments from daughters, sons, husbands, wives, and family members who would have liked to have known…

  • “Now that my parents and husband are gone, I think of all the things I wish I would have asked them; now I’ll never know….but, I’ll make sure my children know about me.”
  • “Even though my grandfather was sharp as a needle until the day he died, there are many, many questions that I wish I had asked him.”
  • “I missed many questions that my son should know about my MOTHER…. So many things I would ask my Father every day…. don’t wait… this can create memories forever… hand it down…”
  • “Having lost both of my parents, there are a lot of unanswered questions that I still have. This would have been an asset in learning so much about them. I plan to pass this on to my daughter so she has all the answers!”
  • “I have a 93-year-old Mom. She has fascinating information on what she’s lived through. This is a great way to get these experiences down while I still can.”

It is easy to believe that tomorrow will be a good time to ask these questions, don’t wait! Begin the journey, ask someone special, tell me so I know.

What is your mother’s favorite story of you? Who was your father’s best friend as a child? What is the most trouble your grandfather got into a child? Do you know the answer to these questions? Tell Me So I Know has over 550 questions designed to provide a fun and simple way for you to learn about the memories, life story, favorites and advice of those you love.  Buy a new book for $16.99 or used copy for under $7  at  Barnes & Noble http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/tell-me-so-i-know-paul-shike/1123294367  Author: Paul Shike


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