Why You Need to Face the Reality of Your Mom or Dad Getting Old.

Why You Need to Face the Reality of Your Mom or Dad Getting Old.

You’re 65 years old, or 50 years old and facing the reality that your parent(s) is frail, failing, or cognitively declining. Have you even faced what this really means to them? And more so, to you?


Our parents don’t want to be a burden, they’re proud, or too depressed to talk about any of what is happening to them. How are you addressing this? Do you feel the need to address it? If not, here’s a few reasons why you’ll need to look at what’s happening as it will change your life deeply. It will impact your family in many ways.


Five Reasons You Need to Face The Reality of Mom or Dad Aging – Getting Old:


  1. Financial – If your parent doesn’t have life and disability insurance, long term care insurance who’s going to pay for everything? Medicare won’t!
  2. Parent’s Wishes – What does your parent really want? To live and die at home? Move into a nice residential care facility who serves great meals?
  3. Parent’s Wishes – Does Mom and Dad have a Will? Advanced Directive of how they want to die? A Do-Not-Resuscitate (DNR)?
  4. Health – What if your parent’s health is so bad that they cannot be alone?
  5. Safety – How are you going to be sure your parent is safe? From Scammers? From tripping and falling? Hurting themselves? Wandering off? Getting in a car accident? Leaving the gas stove on?


These are things to think about. Consider starting a conversation with your parents now. Show them this blog and ask them about these five reasons. That will make you the best Son or Daughter who wants to do the right thing for the right reasons. You love your parents, you worry, you need to be sure everything is going to be OK. Preparation in any job is a necessity, this is no different.


You can start by saying, “Hey Mom, I love you and want only the best for you like you did for me growing up…I really need to talk with you about five things…”


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