You are a Son, a Daughter, a Spouse, a Friend and … a Caregiver…

You are a Son, a Daughter, a Spouse, a Friend and … a Caregiver…

Many of us are being “just the good daughter” or son, or niece, or husband, or cousin, or friend to an elderly parent, grandparent, or partner. But you are much more than that.


You are a Caregiver if you do these things for a loved-one:

  • Take care of someone who is chronically ill, disabled, or frail: paralyzed, cognitively disabled, or have such diseases as cancer or heart failure.
  • You fear leaving your loved one home alone; or you are attending to them on a regular or daily basis.
  • Manage schedules, medications, drive to them to appointments, talk to doctors and nurses on their behalf.
  • Assist them with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs) like bathing, toileting, dressing.
  • Oversee or do your loved-one’s basic living items and household duties like: dietary planning and meal preparation, finances / pay the bills, household maintenance and safety.  Making sure they are warm and protected.


You are a Caregiver. Pick up that banner of being a Caregiver. Holding up that banner and acknowledging that you are a caregiver will get you on the road to be the best you can be in providing care to your loved one. When you can hold that banner as a Caregiver, you can begin learning and preparing yourself for that complicated journey. Being prepared, equipped, and knowledgeable will make life easier for you and your whole family.


Here are some tools produced by The United Hospital Fund

You will find these Guides in Russian, Spanish, and Chinese

Russian – Руководства для всех лиц, ответственных за медицинский уход

Spanish – Guía para Todos los Cuidadores Familiares

Chinese -照護者指南


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